Product Review: Para’Kito Mosquito Protection


Name of the Product Parakito Natural Mosquito Protection Age Group it’s for The whole family-kids and parents can use it What does the product do? The Parakito mosquito repellent is a system of natural protection from mosquito bites which uses a blend of seven essential plant oils to deter biting insects. These oils are contained in… Read More »

Product Review: Creativity for Kids Tooby Loops

1_ Tooby Loops

  Age group it’s for Ages 5 to 95 What does the product do? Turns 24 yards (22m) of Tooby Loops into fashion and craft accessories. Does it do what it should? Absolutely! The kit contains pipe cleaners, rhinestones, headbands, bracelet clips and lots more as well as the Tooby Loops themselves, which are brightly… Read More »

Blended Families – Learning to Love your New Partner’s Children

Blended Families – Learning to Love your New Partner’s Children

Building relationships with children who aren’t biologically our own is often a challenge. It can be really hard to know where to start and how to get it right. Balancing genuine interest with not wanting to appear too eager can take some careful manoeuvring.  Children of course, are masters at sensing if an adult is… Read More »