Product Review: Tesoro Change Bag

Kathmandu Tesoro bag 2


Name of the Product

Kathmandu Tesoro Change Bag.

Size 12 lTR and colour is Tomato/Grey

Age Group it’s for

Nappy bag for parents to use for their newborns right up to toddlers. I guess you could use this at anytime to carry all those necessities which you can’t go anywhere without once you’ve got kids. You could also use it even if you didn’t have kids but wanted a bag which has lots of pockets in it.

What does the product do?

It’s a stylish “nappy” bag which is designed to organise and carry all baby and child related paraphernalia. The Tesoro is designed to be worn  either resting on one shoulder or diagonally across the body and the strap is adjustable with a padded portion to make it more comfortable to use. It’s got lots of separate holders and pockets which are secured by a variety of zips, elasticised pockets, magnetic clip  closures or just open topped pockets. And on the inside of one of the exterior pockets it’s also go a key ring.  The bag has also got a fold up change pad which slips easily into one of the exterior pockets. And this flap has gusseted sides so that you can keep nappy change items and wipes/creams all together.  In the inside of the bag there’s also a pocket with a transparent cover so you can see exactly what’s in there.

Does it do what it should?

Yes, it does and it doesn’t scream “nappy bag” like so many others.  This bag carries alot of gear. We’ve got two kids and both are still in nappies so I’m used to lugging stuff around. I’ve used the bag when we’ve gone out for the last couple of weeks and it took no time to get used to. It’s light so that you’re not starting with a bag weighing a kilo or more before you even put things into it and I think that’s a real bonus. And because it’s bright I can see if the bag has gotten wedged under the pram or behind one of the car seats. The fabric is soft and forgiving, it’s like rip stop material but I don’t think it is, but it would take a fair amount of force to cut or tear it.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes I would, but only for someone who’s keen to spend almost $100.00 on a nappy bag. But I guess the benefit of this bag is that you would be able to use it again for general use after your kids are out of nappies. A day I’m looking forward to!

The PVC they’ve used to make the bag and interior makes it easy to clean and looks pretty durable, just like all Kathmandu stuff so I don’t think I’ll need to replace it in a hurry. This bags got an edgy, outdoorsy look to it and it suits our lifestyle, we’re not a prissy family and I want a nappy bag which works with us and isn’t too much of a fiddle. My husband doesn’t mind using it either and says he doesn’t feel it’s too feminine for a bloke to carry.

Stockists and R.R.P.

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