Product Review Swim Fin

Swimfin Colour Choices

Name of the Product


Age Group it’s for

Predominantly kids but all ages

What does the product do?

Buoyancy device / learn to swim aid

Does it do what it should?


Would you recommend it and why?

Yes. My daughter is 20 months old and a beginner when it comes to swimming. While she has spent a lot of time in the water, we are yet to start swimming lessons. She loves the SwimFin. Right from putting it on for the first time (and pretending to be a shark) it has been fun. Usually clingy in the water, the SwimFin has given my daughter the confidence to relax a little. The SwimFin keeps her body buoyant allowing me to hold her outstretched hands only, and to guide her through the water while she has a kick around. She is happy to wear it, unlike some other swimming aids we have tried in the past, and the adjustable straps make it easy to fit (even wriggly toddler bodies). It does not inhibit movement of the arms or legs leaving them free to paddle and kick, so I can see how helpful it will be when we do start swimming lessons. So far we have only used it in the pool but I look forward to taking it to the beach as well. Fitted in the beginner position, it does a pretty good job of keeping my daughter upright but is not sufficient as a standalone buoyancy aid as yet – I imagine for more experienced swimmers it would be (supervised of course). I would certainly recommend this to other Mums. It has had a positive impact on my daughter at 20 months and I imagine will be something we will get lots of use from in the future, making it worth the investment.




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