Product Review: Surgipack Wearable Underarm Thermometer

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Name of the Product

Surgipack wearable underarm thermometer

Age it’s for

Newborn and up

What does the product do?

The Surgipack Wearable underarm thermometer is designed as a continuous temperature monitor for all family members from newborns to adults.

Does it do what it should?

Not really. We found the little thermometers to be difficult to use and hard to read. The product is promoted as being one that you can affix to your child’s underarm, and then leave – so you can continue to check their temperature without disturbing them. This proved not to be the case, as the product needed to be placed high up under the arm and then the arm kept down for three minutes to get the initial reading. Following this, the arm would need to be lifted to read the temperature. We tested this product when our little girl was eight months old, and truly sick for the first time. As any parent will know, it’s a process of elimination when your baby is upset – are they tired, hungry, need a nappy changed, do they have a temperature – and the longer your baby remains upset without answers, the quicker you want to eliminate issues to find the root cause. When it came time to try to find her temperature with the wearable thermometers, nothing happened quickly. Affixing the thermometer to the right spot on an unhappy baby was difficult, and despite the area being free of hair and dry, the thermometer didn’t stay on long. Our baby was less than cooperative in keeping her arm down for the three minutes it took to get an initial reading, and even then, the product was difficult to read in some lights which involved a lot of manoeuvring to be able to read it clearly.

Would you recommend it and why?

For a young baby – I don’t think so. Without being able to communicate with her, it was down to us to eliminate what was wrong and being able to work out her temperature quickly wasn’t possible with this product. Our infrared thermometer worked much quicker and with less fuss. I did also try the thermometer on myself, and while still not as easy for my husband to read as a standard thermometer, we were able to get the product to stick and stay affixed for a number of hours – therefore the distress and movement of our sick baby may have had something to do with her thermometer not sticking to the skin properly. As such, this product may be better suited for children with whom you can communicate and rationalise with and whose temperature you need to monitor without too much disruption.

Cost RRP Stockists

RRP for a pack of 4 TraxIt® is $8.99 and is available from pharmacies nationally.

Stockist and customer information number: 1800 252 467

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