Product Review: Pumpkin Patch Merino Range

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Pumpkin Patch Merino

  Age Group it’s for

Newborn to child size 12

What does the product do?

Patch Merino is advertised as ‘warm, wearable hugs’, with warm, soft and cuddly Merino wool – a perfect choice for the winter months.

Does it do what it should?

From the moment I opened the Patch Merino package, I was in love. The gorgeous fabric felt exactly as I imagined – all at once soft and warm and comforting. The range comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, with styles to suit the tiniest of newborn babies to the most active of young children. We were loaned a few items to try, including booties, long sleeved shirts, beanies and a blanket. My one year old daughter immediately took a liking to the dark charcoal blanket, carrying it around the house with pride, and laying it on her little sofa with her when it was time for a rest. Being at an age where she is more interested in being active than cuddling or being wrapped up, we weren’t able to try the blanket for its true purpose, but she enjoyed it all the same. The shirts were soft and felt lovely against the skin, and were a great fit. They often left me wishing Pumpkin Patch could make them in adult sizes so that I could give them a go, they just seemed so comfortable! The booties were just gorgeous with their two-tone design, and in the brief moments that we could keep our little girl still, seemed delightfully comfy and warm on her feet. However now that she is walking and wants to do nothing but, the booties often proved slippery with no real grip on the sole, and we had to take them off. I would probably only recommend these booties to those with pre-walkers or a carpeted house. The beanies were a little small for our baby girl’s head, and so she repeatedly removed them and it was difficult to trial them over any length of time, but they would be perfect for a newborn with a little less dexterity than our little girl!

Would you recommend it and why?

Definitely. The pieces are gorgeous,  and would be sure to last a long time. A very good investment indeed.




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