Product Review: Protect-A-Bed Elite Mattress Protector

16001_PAB_Elite_5Yr_MP_KS_SC Protect a Bed

Name of the Product

Protect-A-Bed Elite Mattress Protector.

Age Group it’s for

From children right through to adults. This product isn’t restricted just to kids but anyone who has problems with bed wetting and needs to have the mattress protected and not end up wet and smelling. But it’s also for reducing the risk of allergies to any age group.

What does the product do?

The Protect-A-Bed mattress protector which I trialled on my eight year old is designed for sensitive skin and people with allergies.  All of the products in the range are waterproof and breathable and help to cut down the amount of mould and dust mites that can breed in a mattress. Basically the mattress protector is a comfortable and soft barrier between the mattress and the person  lying on it. You don’t even have to use a bottom sheet with this product but I did for my boy.

Does it do what it should?

Yes, in fact other than washing it I have had it on my son’s ¾ single bed from the time we received it. What I like about the protector is that it isn’t flimsy; it really feels like there’s been some thought and quality which has gone into the design and manufacture of it. It’s sort of like another layer of sheeting and not a purpose designed waterproof layer.

It’s quiet and doesn’t rustle when he rolls over in bed and he doesn’t feel like he’s got a waterproof lining on his bed. This is important for kids who can be embarrassed about bed wetting, though we all know it’s still pretty common in boys his age I still don’t want to make an issue of it.

I don’t know about cutting down on allergens but I can see that if the mattress isn’t getting wet in the first place then it stands to reason that there will be less multiplication of bacteria and moulds. It washes and dries really easily and you can put it in the dryer if you need to but I try not to, I don’t think this is good for any fabric over time.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes I would, in fact I have already to a friend with an elderly relative who sometimes wets the bed, there’s heaps of sizes and varieties in the range and they are all on the Protect-a-Bed website .

I’ve had the experience of other plastic sheeting ripping and being more of a pain than a benefit. The Protect-A-Bed is elasticised on all the edges and there is generous tucking in allowance so that you’re not finding wet patches in the morning where the side panels have escaped from where you’ve tucked it in underneath the mattress.

And I really like the fact that there is a 10 year stain proof (new) mattress guarantee on this product, they wouldn’t do that if it didn’t work. Protect-A-Bed also have a range of mattress protectors, linen protectors and cot protectors that  are a guard against bed-wetting and incontinence issues that lots of kids can have.    Protect-A-Bed is also partners with the  Eczema Association Australasia because the protectors help to reduce eczema itching and skin sensitivity.


You can buy this product at lots of stores and they are all listed on the website. Prices vary according to the size and individual product you’re after.

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