Product Review: Mini Squids Sunglasses

Mini Squids sunglasses

Age Group it’s for

0-2 years

What does the product do?

Sunglasses (Category 3)

Does it do what it should?


Would you recommend it and why?

Absolutely.  My daughter is almost 18 months old and while she has had sunglasses before I can honestly say this is the first pair she has worn for any period of time. One of the biggest factors for me is the (removable) strap which does a great job of holding them in place.  They are made of a flexible but hardy material and have good quality lenses.  Other features are the smart little case they come in and the fact that they float making them perfect for the pool or beach! This is a great pair of glasses.  It’s hard to keep a straight face looking at my daughter when she has them on!  They are adorable and she loves wearing them because they look like Mummy and Daddy’s!

Cost/RRP – $34.95
Available in Pink, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Silver or Turquoise
Stockists - Various including

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