Product Review: Milk Baby Protect me + Sunscreen


Name of the Product

Milk Baby Protect me + sunscreen

Age Group it’s for

Babies 3 months and up

What does the product do?

Protect me + spf 30+ sunscreen is a moisturising, SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion that is water resistant for up to four hours and suitable for babies three months and over.

Does it do what it should?

I’m not a big fan of taking our little bubba out in the sun. As someone with fair and freckly skin myself, I know the damage a little sun can do, and hate the thought of anything happening to my baby’s perfect, porcelain skin! While we try our best to stay out of the sun in the middle of the day, sometimes you can’t avoid a bit of exposure while you jump in and out of the car, and that’s when the protect me + sunscreen came in very handy. The sunscreen itself was quite thick, which was good in providing solid coverage, but also difficult at times to apply to a squirmy baby. I tried it on myself as well, and once applied it didn’t feel any heavier than any other sunscreen, and didn’t melt off the skin in the summer heat or in the pool.

Would you recommend it and why?

I would say it depends on your child. If you have a placid baby who is happy to sit still while you lather them with quite thick sunscreen, then I would highly recommend it. It did everything it promised, smelled lovely and was free of chemical absorbers – all huge plusses in our house. However as mentioned, the fact that it was so thick also posed quite a problem when our little girl wanted nothing more than to crawl all over us rather than sit still while we methodically rubbed sunscreen into her skin. So if you have a very active or squirmy baby, this probably isn’t the best product for you.

(Made in Melbourne, Australia, uses 100% recyclable packaging and not tested on animals).

Cost/RRP Stockists


MILK033 – $24.95




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