Product Review: Lolly Mail

Lolly jar 2

Name of the Product

Lolly Mail

Age Group it’s for

Anyone who eats and loves lollies, and I guess that’s most of us from the toddler age group until we are very old.

What does the product do?

Gives pleasure and joy, soothes a sad heart and elevates a happy one. Tells someone you care and that you’re thinking of them and brings a smile to their face. Brings moments of clarity to a tired brain and provides a “pick me up” when blood sugar drops.

Acts as a temptation when you should be concentrating on something else and forces you to practice self control. Makes you share even if you don’t want to, helps you to discover great hiding places in your home and office and reminds you of lollies from your childhood. All this in all and so much more in just a jar of coloured and sugared joy.

But really Lolly Mail is a treat and would appeal to just about anyone, anywhere who has a heart and loves lollies. And almost best of all it is called “Lolly Mail”, not sweets mail or any other manifestation of the word “Lolly” and I love that.

Does it do what it should?

Well yes! Lollies don’t aspire or claim to be anything other than what they are. Power houses of sugar and colour all manipulated into different shapes and incarnations. They aren’t meant to meet any hard line nutritional criteria or boost your iron levels, they aren’t meant to subscribe to any daily trace elemental body requirements – they are just simply intended for pleasure and reflection.

Too much and you’re in trouble of course, but the size of each lolly and jar limitations prevent that from happening. Unless you eat the whole jar in one sitting but I think this is unlikely, the thought and care which goes into the ordering and delivery is a disincentive to that.  Lolly Mail is not about greed or having too many but I guess everyone can make up their own mind about how to enjoy them.

They’re a treat to be savoured and drawn out for as long as possible, a reminder of the sender and their goodwill. And the personalised label is a delight and makes you feel special and loved and thought of.

Would you recommend it and why?

I would. I think this is a lovely, novel way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Flowers have cornered the market on this for too many years, and it’s high time someone developed some healthy (well sort of), competition.

The full jar of lollies is as colourful, if not more so than a bunch of flowers and if you practice some self control, they will last for longer as well. You don’t need to water them or cut the ends off each day, but you can sort of do that as you savour each lolly of course.

The quality of the lollies is good too, not those generic brand ones which are cloyingly sweet with too little or no flavour and make you think you shouldn’t have been so stingy and spent more on the brand names.

The combination of varieties is great too with lots of old fashioned favourites like milk bottles, freckles, jelly beans and milk shakes and some newcomers too just to make the whole experience nostalgic and contemporary as well.

You can actually choose what variety of lollies you want sent too; fun, decadent and nostalgic so there’s lots of choice. You can also reuse the jar when you’re finished and restock them at your will.

And I liked the firm fitting; good seal which keeps the ants out but unfortunately not my kids.


RRP $59 Medium, $79 Large (+ free candy scoop on large) FREE Courier Delivery on all orders


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