Product Review: Liberty Tall Gate with Extensions

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Name Liberty Tall Gate with Extensions

Age Group it’s for

Crawling babies right through to toddlers.  Also good for separating children and pets from each other.

What does the product do?

This is a baby gate which separates children from areas in a household where they shouldn’t go. It sits across a doorway and is secured on either side by winding mechanisms which hold the gate securely into the door frame. It creates a physical barrier between the child and entry points into other rooms in the house.
The gate fosters a sense of security for parents who want to keep their child out of a particular room where there may be safety risks such as the kitchen or the bathroom.


Does it do what it should?

The gate we tried was initially too small for the door frame we wanted to place it but after receiving the extension pieces and fitting them on either side of the gate, it fitted perfectly. My husband said that when he put it up it felt “intuitive” and he didn’t need to check the instructions on how to do it. The gate is “pressure mounted” so you don’t need to drill anything to fix it in.
It did take us a couple of tries to work out you don’t need to physically lift and close the latch yourself and it really is a self closing mechanism. This is great for when your arms are full of baby or groceries or washing or any other hundreds of things we mums carry every day.  When our baby is asleep we just leave the gate open and this makes it easier just to walk through.

I liked the fact that the gate is tall and will last until our baby has grown older and he can go into any room of the house without us worrying.
The gate also looks good. We live in a modern house and I like the fact that it wasn’t wood and it’s streamlined and fits with our furniture.

Would you recommend it and why?

Absolutely I would, I’ve already told the mums in my mother’s group about it. The only perhaps negative thing I could say about it is that the opening you walk through is pretty narrow. I’m not very big myself so it didn’t bother me but my husband has to manoeuvre himself a bit when he steps through it. But to be fair, I don’t know how you’d get around this. There has to be enough strength in the gate either side to make it secure enough so it stays up and there are safety standards to stick to.
Another thing I really like is the fact that the gate opens both ways so no matter what side you’re approaching it opens and closes.   I know this sounds basic but it really helps the gate to be more user friendly.






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