Product Review: Girlfriend Guide to Life

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Name of the Product

Girlfriend – Guide to life

Age Group it’s for

Teenage girls

What does the product do?

The Girlfriend ‘Guide to life’ is a manual to love, friends, changes and all of the awkward things that girls go through in their pre-teen and teenage years.

Does it do what it should?

Yes, yes, yes – and more.
Oh how I wish something like this could have been around when I was a pubescent girl! Not that the decades old VHS we were shown in grade seven or the awkward conversations with my parents weren’t helpful – but this publication goes above and beyond.
From the initial and expected puberty subjects such as body changes (in both boys and girls), periods, breakouts and your cycle, the Guide to life then flows through into subjects of body image, friendships, identity and mental health.
It is comprehensive and well written – never authoritarian or derogatory. Even when the writers consult the professionals (and there are some good ones – the renowned Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Dr Sally Cockburn among them) the language is appropriate for the audience, and always engaging.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.
Adolescence can be a tough time – your body races ahead in development before your brain has a chance to catch up – and suddenly things that didn’t matter when you were 10, 11 or 12 mean everything.
Not only does the Girlfriend Guide to life usher you through those physical changes, but it gives the best information on dealing with everything else that is suddenly a part of the teenage girl’s world. Body image and the media, food and disordered eating, self-esteem and depression, bullying, social media, love, identity, emerging sexual thoughts, knowing when you’re ready to have sex, contraception and so much more – it’s all there.
It’s like that one older girl who has done it all and knows it all, and is more than happy to share all of her secrets – except this girl actually knows what she’s talking about. Don’t let anyone you know go through puberty without it!




Girlfriend Guide to Life  on sale for three months  at selected newsagents, Big W, Coles and Woolworths

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