Product Review: Gaia Belly Butter

Gaia Belly Butter

Name of the Product

GAIA – Belly Butter

Age Group

For Pregnant Women

What does the product do?

Helps to prevent stretchmarks and reduce their appearance. Assists with dry, itchy skin and helps to maintain skin suppleness . Also to maintain skin elasticity.

Does it do what it should?

GAIA is a great product that definitely helps to reduce the symptoms of dry itchy skin.  The body butter smells great and feels so soft and creamy.  I haven’t used the cream for a long enough period to establish if it helps to maintain skin suppleness or elasticity.  As yet I have not experienced any stretch marks so  I can’t say if it has helped to prevent or reduce their appearance.

Would you recommend it and why?

I would definitely recommend this product as it feels lovely and smells wonderful.  Although I did find the cream a bit thick and thought it took a while to absorb into the skin I am assuming this is due to the thick texture of body butter.  I  found the cream definitely helps to reduce dry, itchy skin not just on the stomach and breasts but also any other areas that are effected by dryness.  I have also found using   this cream a good excuse for your partner to give a well-earned massage when applying the cream. I have found that in this pregnancy (my 2nd) my skin has been extra sensitive and as a result I have been reluctant to use a variety of creams and potions as it concerns me that it will make my skin break out even more.  I think the fact GAIA is an organic cream helps to eliminate any further flare ups and makes my skin feel amazing.

I have no doubt I will continue to use the cream after my baby has arrived as it feels and smells so amazing. The cost of the cream varies from store to store however I feel it is reasonably priced and I would definitely be comfortable paying the asking amount for GAIA.





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