Product Review: Dreambaby Bordeaux Gate

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Name of the Product

Dreambaby Bordeaux Gate Product code F2012.

Age Group it’s for

Baby up to pre-schooler-or at least until the child is able to open the gate.

What does the product do?

Keeps babies and children in one room and separates them from rooms where the parents don’t want them to go. You can also put in hallways as well as doorways. The gate also has the benefits of not closing a door so you can still see the child and what they’re up to and because it’s a gate there’s no interruption with the room’s circulation.

Does it do what it should?

Yes it does. This gate is a cut above so many “generic” ones on the market because it looks good as well as works well. This gate is made of wood and has a lovely dark grain to it. We placed the gate across our kitchen doorway so our crawling baby can see us but she’s not able to get under our feet when we’re cooking which she tends to do. And it also keeps our dog out of the kitchen as well because the rails are close enough together to not let him get through.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes I would especially for parents who have an older style house with hardwood floors like ours. This gate actually goes with our décor and fits in with everything else we have. I like the fact that it’s not a harsh and bright coloured plastic like most kid related items are.  We can live with this in the house for a long time or at least until our baby is old enough to not have to restrain to safe rooms. The dog’s another matter though! The gate feels like it’s made from quality components too. There is a reassuring “click” as it closes so you’re not left wondering if it is secure. And when I’m carrying my baby I can close it with one hand or if there’s enough swing and the gate is close enough to the securing mechanism it almost self closes.

The other thing is that it swings both ways so it doesn’t matter what side you’re entering or exiting so if my daughter is on the floor near the gate I’m not having to open it onto her.



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