Product Review: Dream Baby Angle Locks (F133)

drawer lock 5x2

Name of the product

Dream Baby Angle Locks

Age group it’s for


What does the product do?

Restricts entry to drawers and corner cupboards

Ideal for locking up medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair appliances. Dreambaby® has a range of cupboard locks and latches including the  perfect for the corner cupboard and drawers that are often installed in bathroom areas.

Does it do what it should?


Would you recommend it and why?

Yes.  They are easy to install – no tools or screws – and have worked for us, keeping little fingers out without making it too hard for adults to get in.  The test will be whether the adhesive lasts, however so far so good.  We have installed them in the bathroom to keep our little one out of the drawers and are already enjoying not having to constantly pick up after her, not to mention knowing that we can store things safety away from her curious hands.  Installed on the corner of the drawer, they are quite discrete, and when we grow out of them they should be easy to remove.




Visit the Dreambaby® web site at or call (02) 9386 4000 or New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788.

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