Product Review: Dakhla Tumbler and Dakhla Toothbrush Holder


Name of the Product

Laura Ashley Dakhla Tumbler and Dakhla Toothbrush Holder

Age Group it’s for

Any age group but for adults not children. 

What does the product do?

The tumbler is for holding bathroom items such as combs, toothpaste or toothbrushes, it’s not easy to use as a glass because of its narrow opening.  And the toothbrush holder is just for toothbrushes and can hold four manual ones. It keeps the toothbrush heads separate from each other which is always a good idea for hygiene and to help them dry after using.

Does it do what it should?

Both of these items do what they should. They are really decorative solutions to organising bathroom paraphernalia which would otherwise be lying on the top of the vanity or in a drawer. They help to maintain a little order in what’s generally a small space and keep similar items in groups rather than adding to clutter.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes, like so many other Laura Ashley products these are lovely and really appeal. They are more decorative than many other toothbrush holder/bathroom sets I’ve seen before and almost have a Middle Eastern design to them. They are also really well made; the stainless trim is smooth, neat and fully encloses what looks like a painted, baked enamel outer surface. They come in white which will suit most bathrooms and the cut out work is very pretty and shows off the glass on the underside.

Both the tumbler and the toothbrush holder have a two layered effect; with the enamel work fully enclosing the glass interior. I really liked the fact that the underside is protected by a water repellent soft pad which protects the vanity from scratches.  And they are easy to clean which is important of course.


Dakhla Tumbler $34.95

Dakhla Toothbrush Holder $39.95


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