Product Review: Crest Platinum Surge Protector

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Parents, children and anyone in a household.

What does the product do?

The Crest surge protector provides a simple way to make sure that electrical products in the home are not affected by dangerous “surges” in electricity. Think how many things we have plugged in and running, even on Standby, in our homes which could be made inoperable by a sudden “spike” of electricity from an electrical storm or from wildlife interrupting the local supply network. All you have to do is turn off your appliance – say computer, screen, modem and printer – plug in the surge protector, and re-reconnect the power leads to it. It looks and works just like a four socket power board that we are all familiar with. But now if there is a dangerous sudden increase in electrical current, the surge protector will “trip out” instantly, and the super voltage won’t fry your appliances. This recently happened to friends of mine and not only did they have to buy a new computer and printer, they lost everything that was stored on it! If the surge protector is activated all you have to do is wait until power supply to your house is normalised and flick a switch on top. Then it is completely safe to re-use again.

Does it do what it should?

I guess this is one of those things that you never want to find out about and hope that you never have to. The surge protector comes not only as a four plug power board, but also as a two power point unit for something like a TV and DVD player, and even a single unit so you can protect your refrigerator. It seems to be made out of high quality components and the products are supported by a Connected Equipment Warranty which covers both the surge protectors and your home equipment.

As usual, terms and conditions apply. They also have a technical support line if things get that complicated.

Would you recommend it and why?

I would recommend having a couple of these connected to important equipment about the house. We all have car insurance, and house and contents insurance, so we are used to the idea of paying for peace of mind. And if you live in units or apartments, can you be sure that you are protected by any common system? Worth it, to set and forget.


Crest Electronics Brendale Queensland Q 4500

Crest is available at Target, Big W, Woolworths, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and major

independent electrical specialists like Betta Electrical.


Single Socket $ 19.95

Double Socket $ 29.95

Four Socket Board $ 69.95







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