Product Review: Caroline’s Lip Balm

Carolines Lip Balm Hangsell Box+Lip Balm Tube

Name of the Product

Caroline’s Lip Balm 100% Pure & Natural

Age Group it’s for

Adults but could also be used for older children.

What does the product do?

It’s a lip balm so it’s good for dry and chapped lips. But it can also be used for dry skin and eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The product information also says it’s the perfect remedy for sore, dry, chapped lips and will also help with cold sore prevention if you’re about to get one.

Does it do what it should?

When I used the lip balm my lips weren’t particularly dry but they do get dry and chapped when it’s winter time. I found the balm to be more liquid than others I’ve used, so it went on really easily and smoothly. It didn’t drag onto my lips either.  It also soaked into my lips well and only left a slight “moisturised” appearance to them. You could easily use it under lipstick or lip gloss and there wouldn’t be any colour change.
I’m sure that during winter and when it’s windy that I’ll use it alot. The tube is small enough to just keep in my bag and retrieve when I need it.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes I would, I like the fact that it hasn’t got any chemicals in it and it’s not tested on animals. It’s got alot of natural ingredients including wheat germ oil and Vitamin E and the tube says full of herbal extracts and oils. So it’s a really emollient product. The smell didn’t really appeal to me though but maybe that’s because I’m used to lip balms which contain lots of artificial fragrances. And because it’s designed to use on your lips I think it’s really important to be aware of this. I think the price is reasonable for what it is, a tube would last at least a year because a little goes a long way. And I really like the fact that the company is Australian owned and the product is made here too. So yes, I would recommend it.



Stockists or call 1800 369 273 or Caroline’s Skincare products are also available from Pharmacies, Health Food Stores, Healthcare Practitioners, Hairdressing Salons and Podiatrists throughout Australia.




















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