Product Review: Bubaloo baby burp cloths

Bubaloo baby burp cloths

Name of the Product

Bubaloo baby burp cloths

Age Group it’s for

Newborn and up

What does the product do?

Bubaloo burp cloths are described as ‘simple, stylish, functional and fashionable’. They are designed for use on the change table as an extra layer of protection, as an over the shoulder burp cloth or as an all-purpose cloth for cleaning up feeding (and post-feeding) mess!

Does it do what it should?

I’m not too sure how ‘fashionable’ the Bubaloo burp cloths are, considering that they are a straightforward white cloth with coloured trim, but they certainly tick all of the other boxes.

The cloths are ultra-absorbent and beautifully soft to the touch. When we first had our bubba we received piles and piles of mid-range burp cloths, and over time these have become stiff and scratchy on our little baby’s soft skin. The Bubaloo cloths felt much, much softer from day one, and have yet to lose that feeling, even after a handful of washes.

The fact that the cloths do have a trim also ensures that you don’t end up with fraying edges like some other brands, which is a huge bonus when bubba is at the age where everything goes straight in the mouth!

The cloths are also larger than your standard burp cloths, measuring 30cm x 50cm. It might not seem like much, but as described, this means that not only do you have plenty of dry space for cleaning up those post feeding messes, you can also use this cloth as an extra layer of protection on the change table, or even just as a mini changing station when you’re out and about.

Would you recommend it and why?

Definitely. These burp cloths felt luxurious to the touch and were highly absorbent to boot. Their generous size gave them versatility – they quickly became a household favourite!

Cost/RRP Costs vary but a set of nine starts at $29.95


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