Product Review: Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Magic Test

Ben & Holly wide small

Age Group it’s for:

Toddlers and pre-school / early primary school aged kids

What does the product do?

Entertain and teach kids to imagine Episodes include Nanny’s Magic Test, Giants in the Meadow, Daisy and Poppy’s Playgroup, Spies and Lucy’s School.

Does it do what it should?


Would you recommend it and why?

This is a lovely series which we have had a small amount of exposure to via ABC 4 Kids.  My daughter’s name is Holly so it caught our attention from the start.  It is set in an enchanted magical kingdom and based on the adventures of Princess Holly , Ben Elf and all of their friends.  Princess Holly is a fairy who lives with her parents, King and Queen Thistle, and her sisters Daisy and Poppy.  She likes to use magic despite the risk of things going wrong…  Ben is an elf who lives with his parents in the great elf tree, and Princess Holly’s best friend.  There are 5 episodes on the DVD.  Our favourite is Nanny’s Magic Test, in which Nanny Plum is forced to return to Mrs Fig’s magic school after her fairy license expires.  I would definitely recommend this to others – a very sweet series – surely good for the imagination!






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