Product Review Banana Boat Baby SPF 50+


Name of the Product

Banana Boat Baby Roll On Sunscreen 50+

Age Group it’s for

Babies and kids

What does the product do?

Very high protection (SPF 50+) sunscreen

Does it do what it should?


Would you recommend it and why?

Yes.  My daughter has very fair skin so we do sunscreen in a BIG way.  This is great stuff.  It offers maximum protection and despite being SPF 50+, is surprisingly easy to rub in.  It is fragrance free and gentle so we haven’t had any tears.  Pleasingly it is not super greasy either.  The roll on bottle makes it easy to apply and is nice and compact – the perfect size to be a permanent fixture in my handbag.  I believe it also comes in a spray bottle which we have found to work well in the past.  I will definitely recommend this to friends and family.


75ml roll-on bottles for $10.49 Banana Boat’s Baby Spray SPF50+ is available in 200 ml spray bottles for $16.49


Supermarkets and pharmacies

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