Product Review: mesh feeder

bbox feeder

Name of the Product mesh feeder

Age Group it’s for

6 months +

What does the product do?

The mesh feeder is designed as a tool to help babies explore new tastes and textures in a safer way. A variety of foods can be placed inside the little mesh bag, which babies can then suck or gnaw on without the risk of choking.

Does it do what it should?

Yes and no. Feeding time at our house is usually a messy affair, as bubba explores her food through sight, touch, smell and taste. When I handed her the feeder, she initially seemed confused, and responded more as if I’d given her a toy than something she could eat. She banged it on her tray for a while, before putting it in her mouth (where all things go at this age), and then she seemed surprised that it had a flavour to it.

She continued to suck on it for a few minutes, but then seemed to get frustrated that she couldn’t get more out of the mesh, and began biting down hard and tugging on it. This didn’t seem to help and she soon gave up and moved on to other pieces of food that she could smoosh with her hands.

For me, the lack of mess was great, and something I definitely found an advantage when we went out and I didn’t want her food ending up everywhere within a three metre radius. It also allowed her to experience flavours in foods that she can’t quite hold onto yet, like slippery kiwi fruit, avocado that squishes too easily and berries that are too small for a girl who doesn’t yet have a pincer grip.

It was also nice to hand her food and know that she wasn’t going to choke on it. I always stayed close by of course, but it was definitely one less worry.

Would you recommend it and why?

As a main feeding tool, I probably wouldn’t recommend the mesh feeder, simply because our bubba didn’t seem to actually eat that much when it came to using it.

However as a tool to introduce new flavours, or as something to occasionally keep baby entertained without mess or fear of choking, it could definitely be a handy item to have on hand.

Cost/RRP $7.95


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