Giving up the Toddler’s Daytime Nap

Giving up the Toddler’s Daytime Nap

Lots of parents want to know what’s a normal age for toddlers to no longer need a daytime nap. But this really depends on the individual child.

Generally toddlers are ready to stop daytime sleeps from around 3 years onwards.

But the transition to stopping altogether can take a few weeks of still needing one on some days and being able to go without on others.

But they won’t last without a sleep!

Until three most toddlers are a little young to be able last the whole day without needing a sleep of at least an hour or more after lunch. And it’s not just the kids who benefit from a daytime sleep either.

Parents welcome their toddler’s naptime as a respite to catch up on jobs themselves or if lucky, have a quiet rest themselves.

How can I make him go to sleep?

Parents cannot make their child go to sleep or even influence how long they sleep for. But how they settle and persuade their child to go to sleep is important.

Kids who only learn how to settle with their parents help by feeding them, lying down with them or rocking/holding or soothing them don’t learn the skills involved in self settling.

Even if they don’t actually fall asleep, toddlers can be offered a rest and be encouraged to lie quietly on their bed with some books or puzzles.

Listening to music; taking to their toys and just having some alone time is really useful. Kids benefit from having these quiet opportunities just like adults do.

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