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Recently MBB spoke with Nicole Beck, a member of the Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens team who will be playing against Canada at the Gold Coast on 11-12 October. This is a three match series and will provide a great opportunity for fans to see the amazing talent of the Women’s’ Sevens play against international opposition.

Nicole Beck is one of the team’s star players and as if being a professional rugby player isn’t enough, she also has a young toddler to care for.   Nicole says she has a touch football background and evolved into Rugby   “I come from Wollongong and when I was growing up I tried alot of different sports, I guess I was always going to do something involved with playing sport if I could”.

The rugby season runs from December-May each year and Nicole says that in this 6 month period she is likely to be away 6-10 times. Of course this presents its own challenges in terms of parenting but Nicole says “I’m very lucky with my support network, my family are very supportive and technology with Skype and phone calls makes it all much more manageable”. “The first few trips away were the hardest of course, but you do get used to things”.

Currently the team are in preparation for the season so the focus is on maximising performance and self care. I asked Nicole how she managed this, particularly in relation to the ever present temptation (for most mothers) to finish their children’s meals and snacks. She replied that “we are big on nutrition at home and my toddler is a great eater, we let her have everything and she isn’t picky”.

And although sometimes tempted to give training a miss because of a sleepless night Nicole said “What works for me is that I make little jobs and small goals and this helps me to achieve what I need to”. “I say to myself, just get up, put your shoes on, get in the car, if you think too big then it makes it hard to do what you know you need to”. Nicole says this strategy has been particularly helpful for her when juggling the demands of work and mothering. She also says that her inborn competitiveness has made her “not give in easily,   if I want something I work towards it and I’m not easily beaten”.

Nicole is the only current player who is also a mother which makes her something of a novelty. She says her other team mates make a fuss of her toddler who is, she says, “A really active child”.

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