Expert Interview: Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis

My Baby Baby had the opportunity recently to catch up with Liz Ellis – Australian netballer and mum.   Liz has just become the campaign ambassador for “Nudie for Kids” a decision she says was really a “no brainer”.  She’s been asked to support “all sorts of products in the past”, most of which she’s turned down but made an exception for this product.   After always loving the adult Nudie Juices, this child specific development in the range meant that she could now share the joy with her own toddler.

Liz is an advocate for healthy living and having an active lifestyle. As well as being a top level athlete, she’s also a sports commentator and media personality in her professional life and at home is mother of a two year old daughter.

MBB asked Liz what tips she could share with other parents when it comes to the topic of staying healthy and fit.

Here’s what Liz Ellis had to say:

  • There is no “real secret or magic wand” in getting kids to eat a healthy diet. Parents need to think about their own role modelling and to look for balance in what they do and what they eat. “Parents are the first and best role model for their child, we need to remember that”.
  • Be mindful of how much time kids are spending in front of television. Liz says she and her husband have just built their “dream home” and made the conscious decision not to include a television in their main living area. “The television isn’t there as a background temptation and if someone wants to watch it they need to separate themselves from what else is going on”.
  • When preparing food for her toddler Liz says she “always” includes vegetables on the plate. Even if she isn’t keen Liz says she doesn’t let this stop her from continually offering them and making it a habit. “I just normalise vegetable eating, one day she’ll say yes”
  • Fruit tends to be more popular because of its sweetness but if it’s out of site it can be out of mind. Liz shared a sensible tip and said that if fruit is up high on the bench in a fruit bowl little toddlers can’t see it. She suggested putting cut up fruit and placing it in a bowl at a child’s eye level which helps to increase their curiosity and interest.
  • When as a family they go to the local grower’s market if her daughter asks for a particular fruit or vegetable, then it’s bought. Although this can be an expensive exercise, Liz’s thoughts are that if her little one is showing interest, then taking the next step and buying the produce helps to support her willingness in trying new foods.
  • Because of her own discipline and sports training, Liz is well aware of the need to stick with behaviours in order to make them a habit. “It takes 3-4 weeks of doing something every day before it becomes your routine – so get out of the house, go for a walk, jump on the trampoline with your kids”. “I know it’s not easy sometimes but we all need to be more active”.
  • Liz is an advocate for incidental exercise and makes a conscious effort not to park too close to the shops “so I can get some extra walking in”.
  • She’s also a big believer in “everything in moderation”.  Including offering kids fruit juice as long as they are drinking plenty of water and aren’t drinking juice to the exclusion of milk and plain water.

Nudie for Kids is available in four flavours – Lemonade, apple, orange and tropical and comes in 250 ml Tetra packs.