Eco Store Baby Soap, Baby Shampoo and Baby Moisturiser


 Age Group it’s for

Babies and children

What does the product do?

Eco store produces a range of baby products that are free of nasty chemicals, not tested on animals and that don’t use genetically engineered ingredients. The New Zealand-based company pride themselves on using the safest ingredients possible for babies’ delicate skin.

Does it do what it should?

We tested the Eco store baby soap, shampoo and moisturiser.

All of the products smelled lovely and fresh, without any heavy perfumes – exactly what we want for our little one (you can’t beat the baby smell)! Our baby girl was born with a lot of hair and hasn’t lost much of it over her first six months, so shampoo is important to us! The Eco Store baby shampoo lathered well, and a little bit went a long way.

The soap also worked into a good lather, but it was quite difficult to hold a squirmy baby and a slippery bar of soap at the same time. As a result, we accidentally managed to get some soap into our little girl’s eyes, and safe as the products may be, they were certainly not tear-free. The edges of the bar of soap were also quite sharp on first use – we found we had to buff them away a little before we were comfortable putting soap to skin. Eco Store also sells a liquid body wash, which I think we’d be more inclined to use in future.

After a bath, we sometimes try a little calming massage, and usually use almond oil. We tried the Eco Store moisturiser instead and it was delightful. A gorgeous, silky cream that soaked into the skin easily, and again had a soft and pleasant scent. It’s hard to improve on the softness of a baby’s skin – but I regularly noticed that the next day our little girl would be smooth as silk; we were very impressed. As an added bonus, my own hands have become softer by default. With the constant nappy changes and subsequent hand washes they tend to get quite dry, and as a new mum, moisturising them often becomes one of those ‘me time’ rituals that falls by the wayside. Using the Eco Store moisturiser on my little one meant that my hands got a little rejuvenation without any thought on my part.

Would you recommend it and why?

As mentioned, we probably wouldn’t use the baby soap again – at least not until bubba is old enough to confidently sit up by herself in the bath tub so we don’t need to hold a slippery baby and a slippery bar of soap.

However both of the other products were gorgeous, and we would definitely use them again.

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