Expert Interviews

Each month Jane Barry from MyBabyBaby interviews a health expert involved in the care of children or their parents.

Expert interviews are your chance to get some great information on how to care for your kids.

We won't muck around either – Jane's questions are guaranteed to obtain the most up to date, evidence based information from fully qualified experts. And best of all, it's free!

If you have a suggestion for a particular expert you'd like featured, then drop us a line on the contact page and we'll do our best to invite them to chat.

Expert Interview

SFT  7

Spoons for Thought Sally Johnson MBB recently talked with Sally Johnston, one of two (Australian) accredited practising dieticians and nutritionists who have just published their book Spoons for Thought – Making sense of the food you eat.  Sally’s co author is Justine Hawke. Sally said that the book evolved from a need to help… Read More »

Expert Interview: Dr. Richard Parkinson

Richard Parkinson 1

Kids and Contact Sports Mybabybaby expert interview with Dr. Richard Parkinson Our understanding of the brain has never been greater, particularly how the brain reacts to unnecessary force and trauma. Dr. Parkinson is a Sydney based neurosurgeon with a special interest in sports related injuries. This is an area of particular concern for parents of… Read More »

Expert Interview: Play – it’s not just about fun

Jo Jackson King small & widde copy

  Expert Interview with Jo Jackson King My Babybaby is always interested in seeking out experts involved in caring for children and their families. This month we speak with Jo Jackson King, whose training and expertise is in Occupational Therapy. Jo specialises in supporting families with children and she is passionate about maximising children’s potential… Read More »

Expert Interview: Look After Your Mouth Because it’s Looking After You

Prosthedontist crop#2

Oral Health Many of us don’t consider our mouth to be as important as other parts of our body. Sure, we all know about the connection between what we put in there and what eventually ends up on our hips, but what about the links between poor oral health and a whole range of diseases?… Read More »

Expert Interview: It all Starts with Conception

Dr Sonya Jessup

Conception I think you’d agree that starting at the very beginning is probably very wise, whi ch is why our first Ask an Expert guest is fertility specialist Dr. Sonya Jessup from Demeter Fertility in South Sydney.     Sonya’s area of expertise is gynaecology and fertility and she helps couples who are having problems… Read More »

Expert Interview: Christine Kininmonth – Babywearing

Christine Kininmonth

Baby wearing has very much come back into vogue in recent years after waxing and waning in its popularity.  And although it is common practice in many countries and considered so much the norm that “nursery furniture” doesn’t even exist, in 21st Century Australia, baby wearing is still considered a choice. Recently, My Babybaby had… Read More »