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Product Review: Peppa Pig My Birthday Party

Peppa 3

Age Group it’s for Toddlers and pre-school / early primary school aged kids What does the product do? Entertain and teach Episodes include:  My Birthday Party, The Playground, Tidying Up, Frogs and Worms and Butterflies, Daddy Puts up a Picture. Does it do what it should? Yes Would you recommend it and why? Yes, I… Read More »

Product Review: Creativity for Kids Tooby Loops

1_ Tooby Loops

  Age group it’s for Ages 5 to 95 What does the product do? Turns 24 yards (22m) of Tooby Loops into fashion and craft accessories. Does it do what it should? Absolutely! The kit contains pipe cleaners, rhinestones, headbands, bracelet clips and lots more as well as the Tooby Loops themselves, which are brightly… Read More »

Product Review: Surgipack Wearable Underarm Thermometer

TraxIt small image

  Name of the Product Surgipack wearable underarm thermometer Age it’s for Newborn and up What does the product do? The Surgipack Wearable underarm thermometer is designed as a continuous temperature monitor for all family members from newborns to adults. Does it do what it should? Not really. We found the little thermometers to be… Read More »

Product Review: Crest Platinum Surge Protector

Crest Products

  Age Group Parents, children and anyone in a household. What does the product do? The Crest surge protector provides a simple way to make sure that electrical products in the home are not affected by dangerous “surges” in electricity. Think how many things we have plugged in and running, even on Standby, in our… Read More »

Product Review: Dream Baby Angle Locks (F133)

drawer lock 5x2

Name of the product Dream Baby Angle Locks Age group it’s for Toddlers What does the product do? Restricts entry to drawers and corner cupboards Ideal for locking up medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair appliances. Dreambaby® has a range of cupboard locks and latches including the  perfect for the corner cupboard and… Read More »

Product Review: Dream Baby Starfish Mini Bath Non Slip Mats

Suction Bath Mats

Age group they’re for Toddlers What does the product do? Non slip bath mat stickers. They help to stop falls and slips in a slippery bath or shower recess. Do they do what they should? Yes, very well. Would you recommend them and why? Yes, because they are functional and fun.  My toddler absolutely loves stickers and she sees… Read More »