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Product Review: Pumpkin Patch Bodysuits


Age Group they’re for Newborn to 18 months What does the product do? The Pumpkin Patch bodysuits are 100% cotton outfits. Does it do what it should? The Pumpkin Patch bodysuits were lovely, simple pieces to add to our daughter’s wardrobe.  We trialled the Velvet Collar Bodysuit and Mini Stripe Bodysuit and both were equally as… Read More »

Product Review: Pumpkin Patch Merino Range

PP 3

Pumpkin Patch Merino   Age Group it’s for Newborn to child size 12 What does the product do? Patch Merino is advertised as ‘warm, wearable hugs’, with warm, soft and cuddly Merino wool – a perfect choice for the winter months. Does it do what it should? From the moment I opened the Patch Merino package,… Read More »

Expert Interview: Dr. Richard Parkinson

Richard Parkinson 1

Kids and Contact Sports Mybabybaby expert interview with Dr. Richard Parkinson Our understanding of the brain has never been greater, particularly how the brain reacts to unnecessary force and trauma. Dr. Parkinson is a Sydney based neurosurgeon with a special interest in sports related injuries. This is an area of particular concern for parents of… Read More »

Product Review: Peppa Pig’s Circus


Name of the Product Peppa’s Circus Age Group it’s for Toddlers and pre-school / early primary school aged kids What does the product do? Entertain and teach Episodes (10) include:  Peppa’s Circus, Desert Island, Perfume, The Aquarium, George’s Racing Car, The Little Boat, Grampy Rabbit in Space, Night Animals, Mirrors and Pedro is late. Does… Read More »

Product Review: Protect-A-Bed Elite Mattress Protector

16001_PAB_Elite_5Yr_MP_KS_SC Protect a Bed

Name of the Product Protect-A-Bed Elite Mattress Protector. Age Group it’s for From children right through to adults. This product isn’t restricted just to kids but anyone who has problems with bed wetting and needs to have the mattress protected and not end up wet and smelling. But it’s also for reducing the risk of allergies to any age group…. Read More »