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Product Review: Dream Baby Angle Locks (F133)

drawer lock 5x2

Name of the product Dream Baby Angle Locks Age group it’s for Toddlers What does the product do? Restricts entry to drawers and corner cupboards Ideal for locking up medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair appliances. Dreambaby® has a range of cupboard locks and latches including the  perfect for the corner cupboard and… Read More »

Product Review: Dream Baby Starfish Mini Bath Non Slip Mats

Suction Bath Mats

Age group they’re for Toddlers What does the product do? Non slip bath mat stickers. They help to stop falls and slips in a slippery bath or shower recess. Do they do what they should? Yes, very well. Would you recommend them and why? Yes, because they are functional and fun.  My toddler absolutely loves stickers and she sees… Read More »

Product Review: Dakhla Tumbler and Dakhla Toothbrush Holder


Name of the Product Laura Ashley Dakhla Tumbler and Dakhla Toothbrush Holder Age Group it’s for Any age group but for adults not children.  What does the product do? The tumbler is for holding bathroom items such as combs, toothpaste or toothbrushes, it’s not easy to use as a glass because of its narrow opening. … Read More »

Product Review: Liberty Tall Gate with Extensions

Bub at Gate copy

Name Liberty Tall Gate with Extensions Age Group it’s for Crawling babies right through to toddlers.  Also good for separating children and pets from each other. What does the product do? This is a baby gate which separates children from areas in a household where they shouldn’t go. It sits across a doorway and is… Read More »

Expert Interview: Look After Your Mouth Because it’s Looking After You

Prosthedontist crop#2

Oral Health Many of us don’t consider our mouth to be as important as other parts of our body. Sure, we all know about the connection between what we put in there and what eventually ends up on our hips, but what about the links between poor oral health and a whole range of diseases?… Read More »